I’m Sorry Firefox

….but it’s over.


Out with the old. In with the new
firefox chrome


We had a good long run (I’d been with you longer than anyone else), but I’ve found someone new.  She’s younger and faster and has most of what you had to offer me (even the really geeky stuff).

Most of all, I’m impressed with how fast she is (no matter how I try to slow her down)

So Firefox, we can still be friends, but it’s just not gonna be the same any more..


All my love,


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Internets Overload

I came across a blog entry titled “RSS, Twitter, and Information Overload” on Francine Hardaway’s Blog, which I found very interesting and intriguing.

It reminded me of a dilemma that I myself (as well as millions of other Internet users) continually face.

This is particularly true of those of us of the surprisingly small number of Internet users who make use of RSS feeds.

Ms Hardaway is not the first person I’ve come across who has this sort of dilemma.  It’s become quite common. 

My issues here are even more extreme.  Unlike most people, I have no life.  I am disabled (due to rather extreme depression) and therefore, I have no job and lots of free time.  I spend virtually 90 percent of my waking moments on the Internets and I’m still overwhelmed!

I am subscribed to over three hundred feeds in Google Reader.

And guess what?  I rarely use Google Reader other than to add even more RSS feeds!

Most of what I read on the Internet is stuff I come across randomly (or from links to pages via Digg, Reddit, Mixx, StumbleUpon and so forth).  Before I discovered RSS several years ago, I used email subscriptions in place of it. And I never got around to canceling about 30 percent of those subscriptions.

I get “breaking news” email alerts from CNN and The New York Times.  And more often than not, those alerts are how I land on said websites.  Once I’m there I end up reading not only the :”breaking news” item, but other stories that catch my attention.  Then something will intrigue me in one of the stories and I’ll do a Google Search and the rest is history….

I’ll often do a Wikipedia search on something I come across and just like back in the day, when I had a set of encyclopedias, I’ll end up reading far more articles than I intended.

I can literally spend half the day reading Wikipedia articles. And I often make corrections and additions to them.

So who has time for RSS (and Instant Messaging, Usenet, Mailing Lists, Twitter) and all of the other things you can find on the Internets?

I don’t,and as I said, I spend all freakin’ day and most of the night here.

So how does anyone with a life (i.e. a Job, family, social life, etc). manage any of this?

I’ll be damned if I know.

I discovered Twitter a few years back and found little use for it. But lately, I’ve begun using it more and more. And for what?  Mostly I share links I come across with the strangers out there who choose to follow me.

And don’t get me started on sittes like MySpace and Facebook..

And to top all that off, I discovered FriendFeed fairly recently (for those who don’t know Friendfeed is a way to keep up with others Internet activity.  – you can see my FriendFeed page for an example).

To recap, there is waaay too much information out there and how people with lives can attempt to manage it is beyond me.  I have no life and I can’t manage it at all.

But what am I going to do about my dilemma?  Nothing, of course…

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Today is Firefox Download Day (Sort of).

You would think that Mozilla would want to maximize exposure to their Firefox 3 “Download Day”.

But unless you’re so into Firefox that you read the Mozilla blog or the trades, you will only see mention of the date (today as of this writing).

But there is also a time. That is 10:00 AM PDT (-0800 UTC/GMT).

Now last I checked, there 24 time zones on this planet. So, for a good portion of Asia and the Pacific, “Download Day” isn’t on the 17th at all.

There were a number of comments on SpreadFirefox with regard to this.  Many were unhappy.  I can’t blame them. If Mozilla wants hype, then they blew it.

Their best bet it to hope they can set the record with just the downloads from North & South America.  I suspect others won’t even bother for another 24-48 hours (or they’ll just use the update feature in Firefox 2).

I just read mention of the 10:00AM time on the Mozilla blog, but why isn’t (wasn’t) it in prominent places on Mozilla.com?

They blew it.

BTW, as of this writing, for those that want to say “screw the contest, you can get Firefox via one of the mirror sites. You can ignore the warning message you may see on on them and click through to find your download.  As of this early morning writing, Firefox 3 is already on most (if not all) of the mirrors.

Here are a few screenshots of the places you’d expect better information.


Guinnes World Record Page


http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/?from=getfirefox (a/k/a: getfirefox.com and www.mozilla.com).

You blew it, Mozilla.

Yahoo! Implements OpenID

It’s nice to see that Yahoo! is jumping on the OpenID bandwagon. That just leaves Google and Microsoft. I supect we’ll see the former before the latter. Microsoft does , it but only via Windows CardSpace. That’s means a smaller audience than the other guys. I’d like to see them support it via regular a Window Live/MSN ID.

Google only supports it via Blogger commenters. I’d llike to see Google support it via your plain old Google ID. I can’t imagine we will have to wait too long for that to become a reality.

I’ll probably end up with Yahoo! when all is said and done.

Meanwhile, I use OpenID on a number of sites. My problem is I can’t decide on one provider and I often forget which one I use where. I started off with LiveJournal (which is where OpenID originated) and then later, Vox and more recently AOL (in my case I use my AIM ID). What I’d like is to use a more “neutral” provider that I know won’t be going out of business next week.

I know all of the above are pretty safe bets. They won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but I think I like the idea of Google or Yahoo! best

The Yahoo! beta starts on the 30 January. I hope Google gets around to it pretty soon as well.

In the meantime I guess I’ll stick with my mix of LJ, Vox and AOL. I hope that there is an easy way to switch from one to the other on the sites I use them on. So far, I’ve not seen that such a thing exists. Starting over would suck.

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Facebook is FUBAR

I keep reading stories around teh Internets™ about how Facebook randomly “punishes” its users for some supposed bad deed, but won’t tell them what it is.

Well now it’s my turn. About a week or so ago, I added (or tried to add) friends via the “find a friend” feature (where you copy addresses from your Yahoo!/MSN/Gmail address books).

I gained 4-5 friends this way.

Today one of my frineds on Facebook announced she had a new ID and asked us to add her. So, I followed her instructions only to be greeted with this.:

(Note, In order to protect privacy I’ve obscured the user’s name and photo in this screenshot).

Now as I said, I’ve added nobody in several days.

And no I’m not going to bother contacting Facebook about it. I’ve read users that have ended up with zapped accounts when they tried. I’ll just simply ask the user to add me.

But is this FUBAR or what?

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Netscape’s Legacy – Thank them for the web as we know it.

What do JavaScript, SSL, cookies, blogs, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, RSS, rich web images, color web page backgrounds and text, “shopping carts” (see JavaScript and SSL), AJAX , Digg.com (see AJAX) and most anything now taken for granted on the World Wide Web have in common?

Were it not for Netscape, they wouldn’t exit.

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The end of an era.

I somehow overlooked (till now) this rather significant (semi-recent) news from the world of teh Internets™.

Netscape Logo from 1994 Final Netscape Logo

On 28 December 2007, AOL/Netscape announced the end of an era. There will be no further development of Netscape after this month.  The current version (9.0.5  – I’ll bet you didn’t even realize there was a current version – if you’re old enough to remember Netscape from it’s “glory days”) will continue to receive security patches through the end of this month. All support for Netscape software will cease on 1 February 2008.

Back in the stone age (years, before Dubya pluarlized “Internet”), Netscape was the browser. I remember using its 0.x beta versions in 1994 (before the release of 1.0) on Windows 3.1(!).

I abandoned Mosaic (the original graphical browser) for Netscape (whose developers – notably Marc Andreessen – were also the original developers of Mosaic).

Netscape kicked ass for a few years. Then it all went downhill.  The first “browser wars” began. Microsoft shoved Internet Explorer down everyone’s throat.  By 1998-99 Internet Explorer was king. And frankly, Internet Explorer was the better browser by then.

Then in late 1998, AOL bought Netscape Communications.  Netscape fans feared the worst. And AOL did neglect Netscape as feared (and laid off most of it’s employees over time). However, the good news was that earlier in 1998 AOL had released the Netscape source code (and to make a long story short) users of Firefox and Thunderbird today have AOL(!) to thank for that (I hate to admit that, but it’s true).

Despite the Netscape browser being virtually ignored for years, I’m still sad to see it go.

So for you wise folks who today use Firefox and/or Thunderbird, you can thank the “original” Netscape.  Without Netscape there would have been no Mozilla.org, which is where this most excellent software comes from.

Thank you Netscape, and R.I.P.

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