Geek Shop-O-Rama!

I’m broke now, but I’m Happy! is happy with me too. :0)

I got me two of these:

& one of these:

& one of these:

& because I’m all thumbs when it comes to tinkering with electronic hardware, I’m gonna have thsese guys open up my computer and put it all in. (well actually, the old Video Card is being replaced with the new one). :0)

Ooops almost forgot.  A month ago I bought this:

But I never got around to getting it put in the computer, so that will be done when the other stuff mentioend above is also.

I’ll have a total of 4 hard drives in the computer (5TB of storage – up from 1) when this is all done.

It’s almost like I got a new computer! 😀

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Random Stuff

I don't know how anyone could have a life and be a computer/internet
junkie like I am. Since I don't have a life, it works out splendidly.
However, I do know this can't go on forever.

is down for emergency maintenance". So says the message I've been
getting for a good 12 hours prior to the time I wrote this message.
Either someone hacked them, or it's not an "emergency" but just major
maintenance due to the Yahoo! acquisition.

downtime is rather annoying. I'm constantly using that site. It's
coming close to completely replacing my bookmarks (4/5 of which I never

I let the warranty on my computer expire (this past week) without getting my RAID
mess resolved. I did get my video card replaced though. I still haven't
gotten around to sending back the old one. If I don't they will hld on
the the $398.00 "deposit" they took for good.

I've been
feeling rather depressed lately so I've not been functioning all that
well. My mom and I had a rather emotional talk the other night which
sent me into a deeper funk. So I've been rather lax in doing stuff. The
depression has also been fueled by my computer fiasco

I was so frustrated in dealing with ABS Computers that I just took the video card and computer to a local place (Fry's Electronics) and had them remove the old one and install the new one. It was worth the $45.00. I'm going to go a similar route and pay someone to "fix" my RAID problem as well (hopefully within the next month).

I'm contemplating adding another hard drive and if I buy one, I'll have it installed at the same time I get the RAID mess fixed.

In the meantime, I'm back to using my beloved Ubuntu Linux. I'm also playing with Kubuntu as well. I wiped everything and started over a week or so ago.

I'd tried another angle at getting Windows, Linux and RAID to play together but failed. I also stupidly had left my external hard drive hooked
up when I installed Windows and unwittingly erased all data on it. I
had backed up all my important files (including software that I'd
downloaded and actually paid for) and other stuff on this drive (both
Windows and Linux). It's now gone. I can recover the stuff I paid for,
but a lot of other personal files/documents/what-have-you from the past
year or so is gone. And to make matters worse, Windows, Linux and RAID
still won't play together.

It's pretty pathetic when you erase
your backup before you get to use it. One good thing that came out of
it is I finally got the external drive properly partitioned. I don't
know why, but I've always had a hard time "getting" partitioning. I
think I've finally figured it out though.

I made a mistake
earlier this year making three primary partitions on this external
drive, when I only needed one plus an extended partition with two
logical partitions in it. I re-partitioned it the right way this time.
I have the same types/sizes, just done right (NTFS, FAT32, EXT3).

On another geeky note, I have my eye on this
Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer/Fax/Scanner/Copier. I just asked
for it for Christmas. If I don't get it, I'll just buy it myself.

I could use a new printer. What I have right now
is over 6 years old and seriously jammed over 2 years ago. I have no
idea what shape it's in (obviously I don't print much). I've never had
a fax machine. I did have a scanner years ago that died within a year
of buying it. I never replaced it as I rarely scan. I figured a
Multifunction device made the most sense as it does everything I need
(for the most part) and I need to do any of it's given options rather
infrequently. My mom has one (color inkjet) that I've used a few times
over the past 18 months. I could hold off and wait till I finally move
out but I figure I'll need every dime I can scrape up them for moving
expenses (especially since I have virtually nothing to my name).

might someday invest in an inexpensive inkjet photo printer someday for
color printing and photo printing (which I'd need even less).

that's it for the moment. Thanks for reading. If you don't hear from me
in the near future, then I'll wish you a Happy Holiday season.

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