Geek Shop-O-Rama!

I’m broke now, but I’m Happy! is happy with me too. :0)

I got me two of these:

& one of these:

& one of these:

& because I’m all thumbs when it comes to tinkering with electronic hardware, I’m gonna have thsese guys open up my computer and put it all in. (well actually, the old Video Card is being replaced with the new one). :0)

Ooops almost forgot.  A month ago I bought this:

But I never got around to getting it put in the computer, so that will be done when the other stuff mentioend above is also.

I’ll have a total of 4 hard drives in the computer (5TB of storage – up from 1) when this is all done.

It’s almost like I got a new computer! 😀

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Just call me “InkJet Boy”

I’ve spent more time getting “intimate” with InkJet printers in the
past 12 hours than I have in the past year (or so…).

First off, I don’t print much (yet I have two printers, go figure…). I finally ran out of ink (only color, actually) for the first time since I acquired my InkJet (my first color printer, ever, btw…) in December 2004 (!).

I was actually “scared” of changing the cartridge, but it went surprisingly well. My Mom used to have a Lexmark InkJet Printer/Scanner/Coper that was a real bitch when it came to changing cartridges.

Speaking of my Mom’s printer, it’s officially no more as of yesterday afternoon. It’s old (so old it’s beige) and Lexmark doesn’t seem interested in providing drivers for it so that it will work with Windows Vista.

So I decided (unbeknownst to her) to replace it with something shiny and new and that was Vista compatible.

After several hours of research I decided on this Canon. I ordered it
from a few days ago took the free shipping deal (they had an amazing price on it – quite surprising). Also, to my surprise, it arrived about a week sooner than they estimated.

So anyhow, I sat down and did something very “un-guy like”. I actually decided to RTFM before attempting to set it up. I was a bit overwhelmed actually, but the manual makes it seem more difficult than it really is.

Unlike my InkJet, hers has 5 cartridges (separate CMYK and an extra Black ink
cartridge). Mine has only two, a black and a tri-color (CMY)

So I got to RTFM and figure out how to install not two, but 5 ink cartridges. Fortunately it was much easier than it appeared. I am not “mechanically inclined”.

I’m a bit jealous. Those 5 cartridges are initially more expensive, but in the long run you save money cuz you’re not throwing out half of your magenta ink because the cyan well is dry. And Canon has the lest expensive cartridges whereas HP (the brand of my InkJet) is generally considered to be only 2nd to Lexmark when it comes to pricey
InkJet cartridges.

I’d have actually gotten a Canon printer instead of the HP 25 months ago, but unlike HP, Canon has awful Linux support. And I’ve had no complaints. But overall Canon has been top rated printer-wise for the past several years. That seems to change every so often. I remember once when Epson was top dog (many moons ago).

My InkJet is only a regular one (printer only), since I also got a Monochrome Laser Printer/Fax/Color Scanner (Brother) at the same time.

Oh and my Mom was a very happy camper. She likes her new toy. Her old one didn’t have fax capability, just the other stuff.

Another reason I got it for her was that I flat broke last month when I wanted to buy her a Christmas present, so she got nothing. I told her to “think of this as a late Christmas or early Valentine’s Day present”.

OK, if you made it this far I’m duly impressed.

What can I say? I have no life.

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(Computer) Notebook Notes

In case all two of my readers had wondered, I’m still around. I’ve just had little to say.

But today I got to thinking. I reeeealy want a notebook (laptop) computer. I don’t need one at all. I just want one. To be specific, I want this one:
HP D6140US 15
Or if I were to win the lottery, I’d get this one instead:
MacBook Pro - (15

They’re both great inside and out (the latter having a faster processor, different operating system and being much more expensive, however).

And both of them have very slick looking cases (the former being a high gloss black and the latter being brushed aluminum).

And speaking of good looks, hell would freeze over before my notebook would end up looking like this one:

Ugly ass stickers on notebook computer

Heck, I’d spare even ths shittiest notebook that indignity. Do people actually think this looks good?

I see this shit all the time. It boggles my mind.

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Top 10 Most Common Passwords

Life these days has become largely dependent on passwords – whether we're checking our emails, tranferring funds or shopping, passwords have place. We're constantly bombarded with horror stories of fraud, and phising sites. Why is it, then, that users on websites opt for the same, consistent, insecure passwords time after time?

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Computers, Ignorance and YOUR Birthday.

I got an email from an online friend via
asking for the date of my birthday. I only saw it moments before I
wrote this because she sent it to my hotmail address, which I almost
never check. So it was missed by less than 15 minutes. 🙂

Anyway, that' s not why I'm mentioning this.

time you log on to this site they encourage you to add more birthdays
to your list, by copying and pasting a canned message they give you to
use in an email.

But what cracks me up is the instruction that reads:

"Click here if you need instructions on how to copy and paste"

sorry, but anyone that needs help with that needs to immediately cease
and desist using the computer. After that, they need to go out and
sign up for a computer class….


Now that I
think about it, I guess I'll copy and paste that message here (tweaked
a bit). That will save me from spamming people. It's been months since
I've sent this to anyone and I've added a number of friends since then.

on the link below and please enter your birthday for me. I am creating
a birthday list of all my online friends' birthdays

Many thanks

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Birthday news…..

My birthday present from my Mom arrived today. I asked for a computer desk. I already had one in the form of a computer cart
but I almost immediately outgrew it after I got it 18 months ago. It
was also smaller than the desk I'd had before it (that unfortunately
was left in Atlanta).

So now I've got one that's bigger and nicer than I've ever had.
Hopefully it will fill the bill. On thing I like is that unlike
the first one I had this one looks more "homey". The first one I had
was designed for commercial (office) use. The cart I got
in-between that (and what I'm still using at this moment) and the desk
I just got, was not all that well made. But, it was better than
nothing. My biggest complaint has been that because it's a cart,
you can't put your feet underneath it like you can with a desk.
That tends to get uncomfortable after a few hours. I often
sit somewhat sideways at it for more leg room. Sitting sideways, makes
for uncomfortable typing.

Anyway, I had a hell of a time finding just the right desk. I
found a lot of nice ones but they were always missing just one feature.
Or they had something I didn't want. Most computer desks are
designed for you to put the computer underneath. Being that a) I
hate crawling around on the floor when I'm hooking things up and b) My
computer has a very nice case
that was designed to be seen and not hidden, I really wanted a desk
where I could put it on top. The desk (more like a table really) that I
left in Atlanta had
a similar design to what I just got in that you could put the computer
on the desk, which I did. So I was really missing that.

I figured I'd get stuck with something that was strictly commercial (or
at least looked like it belonged in an office not unlike what left in
Atlanta). After lots of looking at local stores and on the Internets™ , I finally found what seems to best meet my needs.

I'd thought about a desk with a matching file cabinet because I never
seem to have a place for my "stuff" (software, recordable DVDs/CDs,
computer books, etc) but I ended up not having to, because there was a
matching hutch for this desk. I found them at Office Max.
I'd been in that same store several times over the past few
months and either didn't notice it, or they only recently got it.

My new computer desk.

It has a combination keyboard/pencil drawer.The front of the drawer folds down. And it's one inch shy of 6 feet wide! 🙂

Desk with the hutch on top

Here it is with the hutch on top. I saw it like this at the store. I'd not really thought about a hutch but this looked nice and it and the esk were both on sale.

Now all I have to do is get it set up. That's going to be quite a task
because it's going to involve re-arranging the furniture in this room
(bed, cabinet and hutch). The new desk and hutch are
pretty bulky so it looks like we're gonna pay someone to do that put it
together.. OfficeMax conveniently listed a number
on their web site that one could call to make just such an arrangement.
I'm guessing it will cost at least $100.00. It's unclear
who's going to be paying for it, but I'll gladly do so.

In the meantime, I just made birthday dinner reservations at a place
I'd not heard of till earlier today. I did a little browsing
around web sites with Phoenix dining listings/ratings and this seemed
pretty decent. Besides, my mom is pain in the ass when it comes
to food. She's pretty boring. Italian is about the only
thing "ethnic" that she'll eat. I do like Italian myself so
that's not a problem, I just wish she liked Caribbean, Chinese,
Japanese, Indian and so on…..

Anyway the place is called Franco's Italian Cafe. It good a good review from the local paper.
It's only a few miles from where we live and (by strange coincidence)
their pastry chef is non other than infamous former Arizona Governor Fife Symington.

They say his deserts are actually pretty damn good. lol

Speaking of my birthday, my wish list has still got plenty of items left. I won't be upset if they arrive after (or even well after) my birthday. 😉

That's it for the moment.

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I think I made a mistake.

Maybe I should have gotten this HP printer instead. It’s such a bargain!

Oh and BTW…

Happy Nude New Year!

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