Google’s Brilliant Super Bowl Ad

I’m taking this opportunity to write my first blog post in many months.  I guess I’ve not had much to say (at least not that anyone would find interesting anyway).

I’m one of a handful of Americans that did not watch the Super Bowl yesterday. But one of ads from the game caught my attention even before it aired..

Google had he most brilliant (yet simp0le and heartwarming) ad of all. 

I first heard about it by accident the day before the game and decided to check it out.

It turns out it’s an ad that was first Internet-only and had been up since November as part of Google’s Internet Only marketing campaign known as “Search Stories”.

I must have watched the ad 20 times by now. I’m a sucker for romance, what can I say (yes I’ve been known to watch chick flicks and like it)?

It actually made me cry.

Romance aside though, it does a great job of demonstrating what that little search box can do.  I’ll be a lot of people who watched had no idea that they could use Google to quickly translate, get flight arrival/departure information or it’s use it a a combined Yellow Page/mapping function (and all from the home page).

Overall a very effective ad. 

Tom Maurstad of The Dallas Morning News summed it up best when he named it the best of the Super bowl and wrote:

….No flash, no special effects, just a love story told (and told really well) through a procession of search questions, The arc from the unentangled beginning (student questions about programs in France) to the final "how to assemble a crib" is just beautifully, sweetly done. It deepens your appreciation of the Google brand and what it does. You know, like advertising is supposed to and Super Bowl ads almost never do.

Anyway, enough already. As of this writing, I’ve been gushing about it for hours.

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Michael Jackson Tribute Song

Apparently I (@angrykeyboarder) was the only person on Twitter (who obviously doesn’t spend all day there like many do – I prefer FriendFeed) who wasn’t aware of this.

Diddy (@iamdiddy) got a group (The Game featuring Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher and Boyz II Men) together and quickly wrote and recorded a tribute song to Michael Jackson and posted it on the Web for all to download.

I just (approximately 11:00 PM, Pacific Time) read about it here.  You can download the song from this page.

Very impressive work by all parties concerned.

I can’t believe I was so late to the party. I live on these Internets.

Tickemaster fees are obscene.

I guess its been a while since I bought any event tickets but I do recall buying a number of Theatre tickets over the years through Ticketmaster (most recently in 2007) and I don’t recall these kinds of fees.

This is a screenshot of my receipt from a recent single concert ticket purchase.

Ticketmaster Inovice Screenshot


What is the difference between an “order processing charge” and a “convenience charge”?

Buying a ticket from you is “convenient”?  Where can I buy a ticket for this concert that won’t be emblazoned with the Ticketmaster logo?

One way or the other,  we get them from Ticketmaster.  How convenient!

Call it a service charge! That’s what it is.  And why not add your so called “order processing charge” into it.

How might you otherwise get me my tickets without processing my order?

I think that should be s “SF Charge” (as in you’re a stupid f*ck for paying it).

Oh yeah, I know I could have saved some dough at the box office, but c’mon.

Utter bullshit.

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Tonight’s Forecast:Dark* :-(

And those seven dirty words will never be the same.

Geoge Carlin


* “Tonight’s forecast: Dark.”- George Carlin (“Al Sleet, The Hippy Dippy Weatherman”)

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From the “Better (very) late than never.” dept.

Whitney’s prerogative: (Finally!) Divorcing Bobby Brown

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from her husband, Bobby Brown, her publicist told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

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