My thoughts on the 9th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001

My heart and thoughts go out to the families and friends of those who were victims of 9/11.  I’ll never forget that day (or the whole week that followed).

I was on my way to work when I learned of the attacks.  I was at a bus stop, waiting for the bus, when I called my mom about something on my cell phone.  She just assumed I was calling about the attacks.  Then she told me. It was about 90 minutes after the 2nd plane had hit the World Trade Center.  I remember thinking and saying that it was  like something out of a movie.

When I arrived at work (was working a 11-7 shift), they had TVs on and tuned to CNN. The office was unusually quiet.

I was a Travel Agent in a call center then and it was weird not getting any calls for days.   I remember a group of us in the office (about 15 of the 80 or so that worked there) gathering to pray (I’m agnostic, but joined them anyway). We were all crying.

I also had a preplanned flight (several days later) for myself that was almost canceled (well all flights had been canceled but the question was, would mine be reinstated – it was for the Saturday following 9/11).  I got a call the night before from the airline stating it was and to arrive at the airport 2 hours early.

There were armed national guard troops walking on the tarmac and standing on the roof of the concourses and terminal.

I remember the captain thanking us for flying @ that time. And saying a few words about 9/11.  The cabin was 3/4 empty and deathly quiet for it’s 2 1/2 hour duration.

I also had no TV at home that week. I couldn’t afford to pay my cable bill at the time so my cable had been cut off.  I lived in an apartment where rabbit ears would not work.  So I missed most all of the TV coverage for days.  It was 2 weeks later that I got my cable back.   I had to wait a year for the first anniversary, when networks replayed the tape of several hours of coverage that day.  I remember crying all over again.  It was just amazing to me that this all happened.

With that said, the next person who says “never forget” is gonna get bitch slapped! Trust me, I won’t forget!


A message for my fellow Super Tuesday voters.

Please do as I will do.


Thank you.

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Video: What DO You Know? (Posed to Gonzales)

From Digg: “Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t suffer foolish testimony gladly.”

She really kicked ass. You go girl.

Gonzales is pathetic. God I can’t wait till we get rid of Bush and Company.

watch the video | digg story

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Wal-Mart Continues To Suck

Wal-Mart (the company that was born to suck, was forced to apologize last week for what can be best described as racist "recommendations" in
response to searches for movie titles such as "Planet of the Apes"
& "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" on it’s web site.

Click here for the story.

This preceding was brought to you inspired by:
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Coming in November!

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