What do you mean you no longer carry 2-litre size Diet Coke?

Dear Safeway.com,

For weeks you’ve been indicating you no longer carry the 2-litre size bottles of Diet Coke online.

I forgave you the first time, but after that I got increasingly annoyed.

This makes no sense, whatsoever.  Online you offer Diet Coke in cans, 16-ounce bottles and more, but no longer in 2-litre size bottles?

Why then, do you still carry other Coke products in 2-litre size bottles?

Take a look at this screenshot. Please help me with your logic here?

Screenshot of Safeway.com

Note the 2-liter size bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper listed. Now, I realize that Dr. Pepper isn’t a Coke product, but for all intents and purposes, it is in my areas (Phoenix) being that it is distributed by the local Coca-Cola botteler.  So agan.. why no two liter Diet coke?  You had it for over 2 years and suggently it’s gone.

But here’s the kicker. You don’t fulfill my order at a warehouse. You fulifll it at an ordinary Safeway store (this one happens to be the closed to my home – about 3 miles away).

Now, if I go into that store guess what I can find there?

You go tit? Lots and lots of bottles of Diet Coke in the 2 liter size.


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