Mother’s Day HDTV Adventures

For the past 2-3 years my Mom would often drop (not so subtle) hints that she’d like me to get her an HDTV.  I put her off because I felt that if I waited a year or two, the prices would drop to make one “reasonably” affordable.

To make a long story short, I just ordered her one this past Saturday with the hope that it would get here by Mother’s day.

Unfortunately, it’s due to arrive the day after, but I figured I had an “out” because I also ordered 2 HDMI cables at the same time and they were to ship separately.  I ordered all from which just happens to have a warehouse here in Phoenix.  The cables came from that warehouse and arrived yesterday.   The TV shipped from their warehouse in Irving, TX.


Anyway, I figured I’d just tell her that the cables were “part one” of a two-part gift (or something to that effect).


This is what actually happened:

Mom: “Gee Scott, thanks for the cables. Just what I always wanted” (sarcasm)
Me: “Oh you’re welcome, glad you like them”.(sarcasm)

Mom: “So why did you get me cables?”
Me: “Well these are HDMI cables. They are for combined digital audio and video signals over a single cable
Mom: “OK, but why did you get them for me now”?
Me: “They’re for your HDTV”
Mom: “I don’t have an HDTV”
Me: “You will soon”
Mom: “C’mon, you’re not getting me an HDTV”
Me: “OK then, I’m not.”

End of discussion.

I have no idea what she’s thinking, but things have since gone on as if the cables never arrived.
I’m not going to bring up the subject again unless she does or when the TV arrives (which ever comes first).


2 Responses to “Mother’s Day HDTV Adventures”

  1. pea Says:

    so what did she say when the TV arrived and you installed it??

  2. Scott Says:

    The day before it was scheduled to arrive I went in and measured the cabinet that it was going to be on. At that point she asked me “You didn’t really get me a TV did you?

    I said “yes”.

    I don’t really remember what she said after that, but she was excited about it and she likes it.

    P.S. Sorry for the delay in approving your comment. I somehow overlooked it.

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