Tickemaster fees are obscene.

I guess its been a while since I bought any event tickets but I do recall buying a number of Theatre tickets over the years through Ticketmaster (most recently in 2007) and I don’t recall these kinds of fees.

This is a screenshot of my receipt from a recent single concert ticket purchase.

Ticketmaster Inovice Screenshot


What is the difference between an “order processing charge” and a “convenience charge”?

Buying a ticket from you is “convenient”?  Where can I buy a ticket for this concert that won’t be emblazoned with the Ticketmaster logo?

One way or the other,  we get them from Ticketmaster.  How convenient!

Call it a service charge! That’s what it is.  And why not add your so called “order processing charge” into it.

How might you otherwise get me my tickets without processing my order?

I think that should be s “SF Charge” (as in you’re a stupid f*ck for paying it).

Oh yeah, I know I could have saved some dough at the box office, but c’mon.

Utter bullshit.

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