70 Reasons why I love Mozilla Firefox

(a/k/a My Addons [Extensions] list)

  • Adblock Plus – Ads were yesterday!
  • Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper – Helps you create element hiding rules for Adblock Plus to fight the text ads.
  • AutoFormer – It loads saved data in forms. Loading is automatic, saving is manual (2 mouse click)
  • Better Lifehacker – A compilation of the best Greasemonkey user scripts for Lifehacker and other Gawker Media blogs.
  • Bookmark Duplicate Detector
    – Helps you find, move and remove duplicate bookmarks. It also notices
    you when you are adding a bookmark already in your Bookmarks.
  • Clean And Close – Adds a Clean And Close button to your download manager.
  • Clear Fields – Toolbar buttons that clear various fields 🙂
  • CLEO – Create multi-addon install package (Cleopack)
  • Color Management – Enables color management and other related options.
  • ColorZilla – Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies
  • Configuration Mania – More Advanced (hidden) configures
  • Context Search – Expands the context menu’s ‘Search for’ item into a list of search engines.
  • Copy Link Text – Right-click a link to copy its text
  • CustomizeGoogle – Enhance Google search results and remove ads and spam.
  • Deepest Sender – Post to blogs directly from Firefox.
  • Delicious Bookmarks – Access your bookmarks wherever you go and keep them organized no matter how many you have.
  • deskCut – Create desktop shortcuts from the context-menu. Windows and Linux (KDE/GNOME) supported.
  • Digger – Dig through URLs
  • DownloadHelper – Download videos and images from many sites
  • DownThemAll! – The mass downloader for Firefox.
  • Easy DragToGo – Allows you to open a new tab using drag and drop gestures easier.
  • ErrorZilla Plus – Show a more useful error page when the network address cannot be reached.
  • Facebook Toolbar – Integrate your Facebook life into your browser
  • FEBE – FEBE – Backup your Firefox data
  • Fire.fm – Get your daily music fix from Last.fm.
  • FireGestures – Executes various commands with mouse gestures.
  • Fission – Progress bar in the address bar (Safari style).
  • Flashblock – Replaces Flash objects with a button you can click to view them (great for viewing MySpace pages).
  • FlashGot
    – Enables single and massive (“all” and “selection”) downloads using
    the most popular external download managers for Windows, Mac OS X,
    Linux and FreeBSD (dozens currently supported, see Extension’s Home
    for details). FlashGot offers also a Build Gallery functionality
    which helps to synthetize full media galleries in one page from serial
    contents originally scattered on several pages, for easy and fast
    “download all”.
  • FlickrFox – Browse your Flickr Photostreams in a sidebar.
  • Font Finder – Get all CSS styles of selected text.
  • Form Saver – Saves form field data as autofill-bookmarklets.
  • Fotofox – Upload pictures to your preferred photo sharing services.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – Synchronizes your bookmarks across machines.
  • Google Notebook – Allows notetaking while browsing
  • Greasemonkey – A User Script Manager for Firefox
  • History Submenus – Adds submenus to History Menu for previous days’ history
  • It’s All Text! – Edit website textboxes using your favorite editor.
  • JSView – View the source code of external stylesheets and javascripts.
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor – A McAfee SiteAdvisor Firefox Extension for safe searching and browsing
  • MeasureIt – Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage.
  • More Tools Menu – Unclutter the “Tools” menu by moving new items to a “More Tools” menu.
  • MR Tech Toolkit – MR Tech Toolkit power tools for all users (it generated the list you’re reading now).
  • OPIE – Import/Export extension preferences
  • OPML Support – Adds OPML import/export functionality to the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.
  • Organize Search Engines – Organize your search engines with separators and folders.
  • Paste Email – Paste email addresses and more into text fields.
  • Paste Quote – Lets you paste text as forum quotations from the context menu.
  • PDF Download – Allows you to choose what to do with a PDF file: download it, view it with an external viewer or view it as HTML.
  • Platypus – Dynamically create Greasemonkey scripts.
  • Popup ALT Attribute
    – Popups alternate texts of images or others like
    NetscapeCommunicator(Navigator) 4.x, and show long descriptions in the
    multi-row tooltip.
  • QuietUrl
    – Stress-free url experience. Automatically converts mistyped or
    obfuscated urls to valid ones. Automatic generation of anchor on
    textual url hovering and automatic obfuscation on textual url input
    based on a per-domain check.
  • Read it Later – Save pages to read later, then bookmark.
  • Refractor for Prism – Create Prism applications directly in Firefox
  • Remove It Permanently – Permanently hide items from the Context Menu
  • ScribeFire – A full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.
  • ShowIP
    – Show the IP address of the current page in the status bar. It also
    allows querying custom services by IP (right mouse button) and Hostname
    (left mouse button), like whois, netcraft. Additionally you can copy
    the IP address to the clipboard. This extension was formerly known as
    ipv6ident. License GPLv2 only.
  • StumbleUponStumbleUpon Toolbar
  • Tab Counter – Counts the number of open tabs.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Tab browsing with an added boost.
  • TagSifter – Browse your bookmarks with sets of tags
  • Text Complete – Adds shortcuts / autocomplete functionality to text fields.
  • TinyUrl Creator – Convenient tool to create small url redirects from longer ones.
  • Tumblr Post – Posts photos, videos, quotes and links to your Tumblr tumblelog.
  • Unhide Passwords – Shows contents of password fields in cleartext.
  • URL Fixer – Fixes common misspellings in URLs entered in the address bar.
  • URL Link – Allow navigation to broken/unlinked URLs
  • User Agent Switcher – Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser.
  • View Dependencies – Adds a tab listing dependencies and their sizes in the Page Info window.
  • Web Developer – Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools
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