The Grammy Awards

I almost never watch them. I think the last time I saw them was whatever year OutKast was on performing  Hey Ya!.

Most of the show generally bores me to tears. I love music, but the show still bores me.  And of course there are the categories that I don’t care about (e.g. Country).

On the other hand, every year I find out what I missed; and inevitably there were one or two performances I would have loved to have seen.  One of theses days I’ll get smart, record the show, wait a day or two till I hear what was good and then fast forward to those parts.

This time I wish I’d seen The Time with Rhianna.  For those that saw the show, I’m actually more interested in the former than the latter (although I do like Rhianna). However, Jam and Lewis are musical geniuses. And Morris Day (and his “attitude”) always cracked me up.

If The Time ever has (another?) a reunion tour, I’d be among the first to buy tickets.

It’s funny, this post came about thanks to a  blog entry I “stumbled upon“.  It’s a (rather negative) review. It’s too bad the writer can’t spell “Grammys”.

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