Super Bowl Stats that MATTER

  • I have lived in two Cities Metropolitan Areas that have hosted the Super Bowl*
  • Each of them has hosted it twice.

Atlanta (The Georgia Dome, Atlanta – 1994*, 2000)

(Metro) Phoenix (Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe -1996 & University of Phoenix Stadium**, Glendale – 2008).

  • In 1999 (while I was living in Atlanta), the Atlanta Falcons (by some freak of nature) landed in Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, Florida. They lost, to the Denver Broncos. But the fact that they even got there was quite amazing. They were back to their old crappy selves the following year (not that I really cared per se).
  • The only recollection I have of watching any of the above mentiond games was in 1996 (and I wasn’t really paying attention – I was packing to move from Phoenix to Atlanta).
  • And since I wrote this on day of Super Bowl XLII , I suppose I should include specific “stats” eh?
  • OK, then..Super Bowl XLII proved once again that New York rules.
  • First and foremost, New York, New York is a city so nice, they named it twice. 😀
  • The New York Times is not only the “hometown” newspaper for the New York Giants***, but it’s also the “hometown” paper (sort of) for the New England Patriots. How so? It’s simple really. Both The New York Times and The Boston Globe are divisions of The New York Times Company.
  • Oh yeah, and that other thing…. The Giants won today.

*When Atlanta first hosted the Super Bowl in 1994, I was not (yet) living there. I lived in Phoenix from 1982 to 1996 and later, 2004 to present. I lived in Atlanta from 1996 to 2004 (and I wish I’d never left).
**As you will note above, despite it’s tile, the University of Phoenix Stadium is not in Phoenix.
***Yes, I know the “New York Giants” actually play in New Jersey! Picky, Picky! 😛

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