Facebook is FUBAR

I keep reading stories around teh Internets™ about how Facebook randomly “punishes” its users for some supposed bad deed, but won’t tell them what it is.

Well now it’s my turn. About a week or so ago, I added (or tried to add) friends via the “find a friend” feature (where you copy addresses from your Yahoo!/MSN/Gmail address books).

I gained 4-5 friends this way.

Today one of my frineds on Facebook announced she had a new ID and asked us to add her. So, I followed her instructions only to be greeted with this.:

(Note, In order to protect privacy I’ve obscured the user’s name and photo in this screenshot).

Now as I said, I’ve added nobody in several days.

And no I’m not going to bother contacting Facebook about it. I’ve read users that have ended up with zapped accounts when they tried. I’ll just simply ask the user to add me.

But is this FUBAR or what?

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