My Fellow Linux Lovers Will Hate Me For This….

Not only am have I pre-ordered Windows Vista from and not only am I opting for the “Ultimate” version (vs. Home Basic, Home Premium or Business) but I’m paying $10.00 extra for a box that says “Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Limited Numbered Signature Edition“.

Honest to god, it’s a numbered edition (one of only 20,000) and it’s got Uncle Bill’s signature on the box as well (yes, I know he didn’t sign twenty thousand boxes – I’m more interested in the numbering).

Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition  Box
The geek in me thinks it’s cool and since it’s a limited thing, I figured for $10.00, why not?

It will be shipped the day Vista is officially released (30 January for those of you living on another planet) and I’ll have it on the 1st of February.

I’ve been running Vista “release candidate” 2 for quite some time now and I’m impressed.

But not to worry Linux fans, I’m not abandoning you. I just happen to like both Linux and Windows, so deal with it. 😛

On a related Linux note, GRUB handles the Vista bootloader very nicely. I was downright shocked.

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