Just call me “InkJet Boy”

I’ve spent more time getting “intimate” with InkJet printers in the
past 12 hours than I have in the past year (or so…).

First off, I don’t print much (yet I have two printers, go figure…). I finally ran out of ink (only color, actually) for the first time since I acquired my InkJet (my first color printer, ever, btw…) in December 2004 (!).

I was actually “scared” of changing the cartridge, but it went surprisingly well. My Mom used to have a Lexmark InkJet Printer/Scanner/Coper that was a real bitch when it came to changing cartridges.

Speaking of my Mom’s printer, it’s officially no more as of yesterday afternoon. It’s old (so old it’s beige) and Lexmark doesn’t seem interested in providing drivers for it so that it will work with Windows Vista.

So I decided (unbeknownst to her) to replace it with something shiny and new and that was Vista compatible.

After several hours of research I decided on this Canon. I ordered it
from Amazon.com a few days ago took the free shipping deal (they had an amazing price on it – quite surprising). Also, to my surprise, it arrived about a week sooner than they estimated.

So anyhow, I sat down and did something very “un-guy like”. I actually decided to RTFM before attempting to set it up. I was a bit overwhelmed actually, but the manual makes it seem more difficult than it really is.

Unlike my InkJet, hers has 5 cartridges (separate CMYK and an extra Black ink
cartridge). Mine has only two, a black and a tri-color (CMY)

So I got to RTFM and figure out how to install not two, but 5 ink cartridges. Fortunately it was much easier than it appeared. I am not “mechanically inclined”.

I’m a bit jealous. Those 5 cartridges are initially more expensive, but in the long run you save money cuz you’re not throwing out half of your magenta ink because the cyan well is dry. And Canon has the lest expensive cartridges whereas HP (the brand of my InkJet) is generally considered to be only 2nd to Lexmark when it comes to pricey
InkJet cartridges.

I’d have actually gotten a Canon printer instead of the HP 25 months ago, but unlike HP, Canon has awful Linux support. And I’ve had no complaints. But overall Canon has been top rated printer-wise for the past several years. That seems to change every so often. I remember once when Epson was top dog (many moons ago).

My InkJet is only a regular one (printer only), since I also got a Monochrome Laser Printer/Fax/Color Scanner (Brother) at the same time.

Oh and my Mom was a very happy camper. She likes her new toy. Her old one didn’t have fax capability, just the other stuff.

Another reason I got it for her was that I flat broke last month when I wanted to buy her a Christmas present, so she got nothing. I told her to “think of this as a late Christmas or early Valentine’s Day present”.

OK, if you made it this far I’m duly impressed.

What can I say? I have no life.

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My Fellow Linux Lovers Will Hate Me For This….

Not only am have I pre-ordered Windows Vista from Amazon.com and not only am I opting for the “Ultimate” version (vs. Home Basic, Home Premium or Business) but I’m paying $10.00 extra for a box that says “Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Limited Numbered Signature Edition“.

Honest to god, it’s a numbered edition (one of only 20,000) and it’s got Uncle Bill’s signature on the box as well (yes, I know he didn’t sign twenty thousand boxes – I’m more interested in the numbering).

Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition  Box
The geek in me thinks it’s cool and since it’s a limited thing, I figured for $10.00, why not?

It will be shipped the day Vista is officially released (30 January for those of you living on another planet) and I’ll have it on the 1st of February.

I’ve been running Vista “release candidate” 2 for quite some time now and I’m impressed.

But not to worry Linux fans, I’m not abandoning you. I just happen to like both Linux and Windows, so deal with it. 😛

On a related Linux note, GRUB handles the Vista bootloader very nicely. I was downright shocked.

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Bogus Google “Blog” one year old.

Well it was at the end of 2006. I’m just a little late to comment on it.

Speaking of comments, that’s the whole point of what you’re reading now.

I find it really odd that Google’s so called “Blogs” can be called blogs at all.

They aren’t blogs. They’re press releases or commentary. Blogs allow readers to comment. Despite the fact that Google blogs are on their own blogger.com site, they are not in fact, blogs.

No comments allowed.

On the other hand, I suppose one could see it as a blog with unusually elaborate, yet linked comments.

This post on the subject of their anniversary had at least 20 trackback links just before I wrote this.

Google! Come on! I don’t mind that you don’t really have a blog. Just don’t call your commentary/press releases blogs. They’re not that at all.

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