(Computer) Notebook Notes

In case all two of my readers had wondered, I’m still around. I’ve just had little to say.

But today I got to thinking. I reeeealy want a notebook (laptop) computer. I don’t need one at all. I just want one. To be specific, I want this one:
HP D6140US 15
Or if I were to win the lottery, I’d get this one instead:
MacBook Pro - (15

They’re both great inside and out (the latter having a faster processor, different operating system and being much more expensive, however).

And both of them have very slick looking cases (the former being a high gloss black and the latter being brushed aluminum).

And speaking of good looks, hell would freeze over before my notebook would end up looking like this one:

Ugly ass stickers on notebook computer

Heck, I’d spare even ths shittiest notebook that indignity. Do people actually think this looks good?

I see this shit all the time. It boggles my mind.

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