How do idiot developers get away with it?

Billy Jo…no wait. Billy Jon!

Whoops. I mean William Jon McCann (He’s one of those three name people. They usually have pretty big heads), a GNOME developer is responsible for the screensaver module in GNOME.

Now everyone on the planet who’s used a PC is not only accustomed to screensavers, but they’re also accustomed to changing settings on them.

Remember the famous “After Dark” Flying Toasters? You could speed them up, slow them down, add more toasters, subtract some, etc. There’s even an open source clone of the Flying Toasters now. But of course , that screensaver is “broken”.

That’s “standard operating procedure” on most screensavers.

Well Billy Jon says we’ve been wrong! Screensavers that you can adjust settings on are “inherently broken”.

He must be offering some sort of “physical” or financial incentive to the folks in the GNOME organization. I can’t possibly see how he could have gotten away with this otherwise.

OK, I feel slightly better now.

In the meantime, I’ll go yank gnome-screensaver out of GNOME 2.16 and install the “broken” x-screeensaver”

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