Computers, Ignorance and YOUR Birthday.

I got an email from an online friend via
asking for the date of my birthday. I only saw it moments before I
wrote this because she sent it to my hotmail address, which I almost
never check. So it was missed by less than 15 minutes. 🙂

Anyway, that' s not why I'm mentioning this.

time you log on to this site they encourage you to add more birthdays
to your list, by copying and pasting a canned message they give you to
use in an email.

But what cracks me up is the instruction that reads:

"Click here if you need instructions on how to copy and paste"

sorry, but anyone that needs help with that needs to immediately cease
and desist using the computer. After that, they need to go out and
sign up for a computer class….


Now that I
think about it, I guess I'll copy and paste that message here (tweaked
a bit). That will save me from spamming people. It's been months since
I've sent this to anyone and I've added a number of friends since then.

on the link below and please enter your birthday for me. I am creating
a birthday list of all my online friends' birthdays

Many thanks

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