Birthday news…..

My birthday present from my Mom arrived today. I asked for a computer desk. I already had one in the form of a computer cart
but I almost immediately outgrew it after I got it 18 months ago. It
was also smaller than the desk I'd had before it (that unfortunately
was left in Atlanta).

So now I've got one that's bigger and nicer than I've ever had.
Hopefully it will fill the bill. On thing I like is that unlike
the first one I had this one looks more "homey". The first one I had
was designed for commercial (office) use. The cart I got
in-between that (and what I'm still using at this moment) and the desk
I just got, was not all that well made. But, it was better than
nothing. My biggest complaint has been that because it's a cart,
you can't put your feet underneath it like you can with a desk.
That tends to get uncomfortable after a few hours. I often
sit somewhat sideways at it for more leg room. Sitting sideways, makes
for uncomfortable typing.

Anyway, I had a hell of a time finding just the right desk. I
found a lot of nice ones but they were always missing just one feature.
Or they had something I didn't want. Most computer desks are
designed for you to put the computer underneath. Being that a) I
hate crawling around on the floor when I'm hooking things up and b) My
computer has a very nice case
that was designed to be seen and not hidden, I really wanted a desk
where I could put it on top. The desk (more like a table really) that I
left in Atlanta had
a similar design to what I just got in that you could put the computer
on the desk, which I did. So I was really missing that.

I figured I'd get stuck with something that was strictly commercial (or
at least looked like it belonged in an office not unlike what left in
Atlanta). After lots of looking at local stores and on the Internets™ , I finally found what seems to best meet my needs.

I'd thought about a desk with a matching file cabinet because I never
seem to have a place for my "stuff" (software, recordable DVDs/CDs,
computer books, etc) but I ended up not having to, because there was a
matching hutch for this desk. I found them at Office Max.
I'd been in that same store several times over the past few
months and either didn't notice it, or they only recently got it.

My new computer desk.

It has a combination keyboard/pencil drawer.The front of the drawer folds down. And it's one inch shy of 6 feet wide! 🙂

Desk with the hutch on top

Here it is with the hutch on top. I saw it like this at the store. I'd not really thought about a hutch but this looked nice and it and the esk were both on sale.

Now all I have to do is get it set up. That's going to be quite a task
because it's going to involve re-arranging the furniture in this room
(bed, cabinet and hutch). The new desk and hutch are
pretty bulky so it looks like we're gonna pay someone to do that put it
together.. OfficeMax conveniently listed a number
on their web site that one could call to make just such an arrangement.
I'm guessing it will cost at least $100.00. It's unclear
who's going to be paying for it, but I'll gladly do so.

In the meantime, I just made birthday dinner reservations at a place
I'd not heard of till earlier today. I did a little browsing
around web sites with Phoenix dining listings/ratings and this seemed
pretty decent. Besides, my mom is pain in the ass when it comes
to food. She's pretty boring. Italian is about the only
thing "ethnic" that she'll eat. I do like Italian myself so
that's not a problem, I just wish she liked Caribbean, Chinese,
Japanese, Indian and so on…..

Anyway the place is called Franco's Italian Cafe. It good a good review from the local paper.
It's only a few miles from where we live and (by strange coincidence)
their pastry chef is non other than infamous former Arizona Governor Fife Symington.

They say his deserts are actually pretty damn good. lol

Speaking of my birthday, my wish list has still got plenty of items left. I won't be upset if they arrive after (or even well after) my birthday. 😉

That's it for the moment.

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