Can you say “pointless”?

Stupid Ribbon
Can somebody explain the point of these stupid ribbons and the stupid statement they convey?  Why are they necessary?

Why do we (Americans) have to be reminded to "Support Our Troops"?

Why aren’t there "Support Breathing" statements flying around?  Why not ribbons with "Support Breathing" on on them?  They would make as much sense as "Support Our Troops" don’t you think?

Perhaps some
people mistake "Support Our Troops" for "Support our Invasion of and
War in Iraq"?  Or maybe people some mistake "Support Our Troops" for
"Support George W. Bush"?

I just don’t get it.

Can ya hep me people?
Can ya?
I’ve got to be missing something here…..


2 Responses to “Can you say “pointless”?”

  1. Sharon Says:

    The funniest thing about that ribbon is that it’s exactly the same colour as this one they sell in Singapore, except it’s to support reformed convicts. Go figure. 😉

  2. Scott Says:

    Well here the yellow ribbon idea was borrowed from a yellow ribbon campaign from 1979-81 which came about due to the Iran Hostage Crisis. The ribbons then represented “we’re thinking of you ahd hope you come home soon, safe and sound”

    We were then thinking of of our hostages at the American Embassy in Iran and not of any of our military (save for he few marine guards from our embassy).

    From that time forward people have come up with ribbons to represent bringing attention to everything you can possibly think of. And therefore, there have been ribbons in every possible color you can think of.

    I’d say the red AIDS awareness ribbons (the first I recall after the yellow ones) really inspired all manner or ribbons for all manner of causes. It’s gotten to the point where they’ve defeated their purpose.

    The original yellow ribbon campaign (overblown as it was) did make sense to some degree. I had no issue with it at the time. Well except for the fact that the whole idea of yellow ribbons came about thanks to the dorky song Tie a Yellow Ribbon” by Tony Orlando and Dawn.

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