I *hate* it when I do this!

guess I made up for lost time. I’ve not done this in several years, but I’ve done it again and "done it up right" this time.

I’ve bought 4 CDs I already own!.

Naturally I discovered this after I opened the most recent purchases (ordered online a week or so ago).

decided to rip a bunch of CDs today so I ripped all the ones I just got
and then I went looking for others. I had recalled purchasing some a
month or so ago and forgot where I put them.

I also vaguely recalled what CDs I’d bought.  Naturally that didn’t include the duplicates I got again just recently…

And yes, the newest ones are all opened and therefore not returnable.

older ones were purchased more than 6 weeks ago, so I don’t think I can
return them (even though they are unopened). Heck I don’t even think I
have the receipt for them anymore (I bought them locally at Best Buy).

So I’m out $75.00. Unless I can unload them at a used CD shop or something….

Oh well…

done shit shit countless times over the years. I wonder if anyone else
has done this besides me. Unless they have ADHD/ADD, I’d say probably


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