Not much to say so…

I thought I’d bore you with what I got for Christmas.

I’m liking my two new toys (even if I’ve not actually used them yet).

Brother MFC-7820N 5-in-1 Network Monochrome Laser Multifunction Center
2) HP DeskJet 6840 Color Printer
HP DeskJet 6840 Color Printer

Santa brouight me the first one and I bought myself the second (I always buy myself something for Christmas).

only paper around here right now is for Inkjets (my Mom’s printer) and
I’ve not been up for going out for days.  So I finally ordered some
from Staples online early Thursday morning.  It’s supposed to be here

While I was surfing Staples, I saw they had the other
printer I’d finally decided (after 3 days of research) I wanted so it
will arrive (with the paper for the other printer) Friday.

guess I’m making up for lost time.  I’ve been "printerless" since I
left Atlanta.  I’ve been either forgoing printing or using my Mom’s
printer if I really needed to print something.

Now I won’t have to. 😀


I’ll finally be able to print in color (my previous printer was a monochrome laser and the one waay before that a monochrome inkjet).

the Multifunction machine will by far get the most use, not just for
printing but for everythig else.  I’ve never owned one before.  I did
own s standalone scanner years ago that died within a year of my
getting it.  I never bothered replacing it.

My ex had a
multifunction inkjet which I used numerous times when I was faxing my
resume all over hell and gone. So if/when I get to that point, I’ll
have my own fax machine to do it with as well.

I’m excited.
Both of these are network ready so I’ll add them to the network.  So,
my mom will have use of them as well should she want it.  And someday
when I grow up and get my own place, I’ll be able to hook another
computer of my own (hopefullly a notebook).

And last but not least, they both work very well with Linux! 😀

That’s all that’s really new here. Otherwise life just continues to suck ass as usual.

So what did you get for Christmas?

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