And you thought it was YourSpace

I find that an appropriate title for this, so I borrowed it from this message on the site.

Apparently MySpace is not allowing it’s users to link to or embed video from  In fact just the mentiuon of in an ordinary message (with no links) gets it converted to "……com".

I had to see it for myself so, I posted to my blog there and sure enough it’s true.

tech media have been strangely silent on this subject.  I’m mystified
as Tom and company’s logic with regard to this censorship.   Apparently
he’s alone in it.  Friendster and Multiply have no such censorship policies (as points out in the above mentioned message).

not a big fan of MySpace, but I do have this love hate relationship
with them. It’s a great place to waste time.  I don’t gather much of
anything meaningful out of it.  The people I know best on there are
people I knew from other sites I’m on (like the one you’re reading now,
for example).

I can’t help but think of that jerk Rupert Murdoch, who’s News corp acquired MySpace earlier this year.  People were worried that a conservative wave would roll over MySpace as a result.

I’ve spent very little time on
To the best of my knowledge I’d not even heard of it prior to a month
or so ago and I didn’t pay any attention to it at all till today.
That’s why you’re reading this now.

I’m sure there is content
there that some would find "objectionable" but I can’t believe it[‘s
any worse that what you can find on MySpace.

No, I think Tommy boy somehow feels threatened by the existence of YouTube.  After all, it too, is a social networking site, just a different kind of one.

Anyway, I can’t help but think this makes MySpace look even more idiotic than they already do.

I would love to see a mass exodus to competing sites like (the vastly improved) Friendster, but I suspect that won’t happen.  People don’t like change and they tend to stay with something even if they know it sucks (Internet Explorer, AOL, Xanga, AIM, Reality TV, WinAMP, XMMS, My 4th Apartment…)

I was curious what others had to say about this so I searched and landed on several bloggers including this one, this one and this one.

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