There was someone on LiveJournal today who was actually asking for Gmail
invites.  I didn’t realize there were people out there who didn’t
have Gmail yet. LOL   BTW, if you’re one of them and want it, most
of  us Gmail users have more invites than we know what to do with,
so ask away. 🙂  Or if you have a Cell Phone with text messaging, you can just get one from Google directly.

My Mom has been "wishing" for a digital camera ever since I got her
another cat last May.  It gets worse whenever I decide to take
pictures of said cat.   So I decided to buy her one
for Christmas.  I just ordered it the other day. If I were buying
for me I’d have gotten something different, but my Mom has this thing
about wanting to keep everything the same brand.  Since her
computer is HP, she wanted an HP camera.
I don’t have anything against HP cameras, but for the money I
could have done better with another brand.  And wasn’t gonna spend
more than $250.00 on her camera.  I’ve spent a fortune on her this
year as it is.

That was a discussion we’d had over a month ago, so I took mental
notes, thinking I might get her a camera for Christmas.  A few
days ago when she was whining again about not having one I told her "if
you’re good, Santa might bring you one".  That’s as close as I’m
gonna get to flat-out saying I’m getting her one. LOL

Another reason I didn’t spend much was because frankly, she’ll never
use the dam thing. LOL.  I bought her a 256 MB SD card for it also
(man they are cheap compared to CF cards. My Camera
takes CF cards) and I suspect she’d be hard pressed to fill it in less
than two year’s time.  The camera I bought her has 6.2 Megapixel
resolution.  Mine only has 5, but there’s much more to a camera
than Megapixels. I still think mine is overall better. And from what
I’ve read review-wise, reviewers are inclined to agree.

Google Earth
Rocks. I just wish they would make a Linux version.

My replacement Video Card arrived 3 days ago. Unfortunately I’ve been
feeling too depressed to function much so it’s still sitting in the box
on the floor.  I tried calling ABS Computers to get them to send
someone out but I kept getting disconnected when they would attempt to
transfer me.

I gave up and decided I’d just pay someone to put the fucker in.
Besides, I’m thinking about adding another hard drive and I’m not
about to do that myself either.  I figure I can kill two birds
with one stone and get both done at once.

I found some excellent prices on hard drives online recently. I just
can’t make up my mind.  The longer I put all this off the longer
it will be before I’m using my own computer again.  I’m tired of
sharing my mom’s and I’m tired of being limited to Windows.  I
guess I’m just not tired enough.  It’s a depression thing….

Later all.

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