My luck ran out.

I’ve owned 3 computers.  The first one I  bought in 1995, the second in 1999 (both were from Dell). I never had anything go wrong.  I’ve always heard that "eventually you’ll have a hard drive failure".   

Well so far, so good on that one (at least).

any event, I bought my third and current computer almost a year ago.  I
guess I’m somewhat lucky in that the warranty expires on the 10th of
next month.

Why? It seems the video card has died. They
are shipping me a replacement.  Once it gets here, I’m to call them
back to arrange for someone to come out and swap it (they pay for that
as well, it’s in the warranty).

In the meantime (trusting souls
that they are) they are charging me $398.00 and will refund the money
once they get the bad card back.   I’m glad I’ve got the money right
now.  I don’t have credit cards (I gave them my Visa Check Card number).

In my last post I bitched about this company (ABS Computers).
I’ve had a number of issues with them and it seems like they are
pouring salt on the wound with this nonsense about temporarily charging
me for the replacement video cards. 

In a previous post I’d mentioned  problems I’d been having with a monitor
I bought for my mom.  We had to get two replacements before we got one
that worked out.  However, at least the maker (HP) was more trusting.
They shipped two monitors to us withn a 10 day period and enver batted
an eye.  They never asked for any "temporary" charges from us.

ABS does make good computers and I can’t fault them for the bad video card.
However, their customr service stinks (even if it is in the US) and my
biggest issues with them have yet to be resolved.  They gave me RAID when I didn’t ask for it.

That will be addressed (again) once I get this video card stuff straightened out.

This is all down to the wire, as the warranty is to expire shortly.

glad the card decided to die when it did. Had it been next month it
would have proven rather expensive. It’s probably the single most
espensive piece of hardware inside the box.

On a related note, for the first time ever, I ventured inside a PC case.  I had to reseat the video card in order to test it and that’s how we (me and the tech support person on the phone) determined it was bad.

was fun. I’ve read how supposedly easy it is to install/remove video
cards.  I had a hell of a time with it. I’d gladly pay someone to
replace it if/when that time comes (I’m not referring to the replacemnt
I’m getting now – that’s taken care of).

In the meantime I’m back to where I was 18 months ago.  I’m using my mom’s computer.  At least (thanks to me) it’s nicer than the one she had back then.

But worst of all, I’m missing my beloved Linux.  My mom won’t allow me to install it on her computer. She’s paranoid.

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