My fave spelling rant…


My "favorite" spelling pet peeve is the misuse of a word in singular form when it should be plural.


        "truck’s" vs. "trucks"

"There were lots of truck’s trucks in the parking lot."

I’ve come to accept this from ordinary folks (well, sort of). But when a business commits this faux pas, I really get annoyed (OK, I need a life, I know…).

There is a Fry’s Electronics store in my area which commits this faux pas several times, with letters that are probably 4 feet high!

There are signs in the store that read "CD’s" , "DVD’s",   Oddly enough they got "Electronics" right….

But I digress….

The latest example I’ve come across (and which inspired what you’re reading now) is from none other than The New York Times.   The Times is about the last place on earth that I’d expect to find this.

Here is the page.  See for yourself.

I’ll help you out.  It’s in the right column. There are links (which I’ve removed here but you will find on the page if you like.  The important point is to illustrate where they fucked up which I bolded in red)).

IPod’s Law: The Impossible Is Possible
Apple’s music-player lineup includes a new entry, the iPod nano. How does it fit into the company’s pace-setting team?
Video: David Pogue
CNET Reviews: More IPod’s"

Note "IPod’s" appears twice.  The first time they actually got it right….
and if you really want to get picky  the tradmarked name is spelled
"iPod" and not "IPod" but I’ll let that one slide.  After all the Times
insists on the use of "Compact Disk" vs. "Compact Disc" (the former
being correct spelling, the latter being a the tradmarked name which virtually
everyone uses).

But back to this plural vs. singluar stuff..

What do I conclude from all this?:  We’re truly in a sad state of affairs when The New York Times makes these mistakes…


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