Coming in November!

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Be cool like my 75-year-old Mom

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Female+Africa often = hell.

As if Genital Mutilation weren’t enough, now I read…

"KATSINA, Nigeria
– Dr. Kees Waaldijk began surgery shortly before 10 a.m. one recent
Saturday in a cement-walled operating room in this city near Nigeria’s
northern border. More than five hours later, orderlies carried the last
of four girls to the recovery ward. In the near-90 degree heat, Dr.
Waaldijk’s light blue surgical garb had turned dark with sweat.

"We are finished for the day," he barked.

It was the last thing the dozen girls who squatted in the open-air corridor outside wanted to hear….."  (Click here for the whole story).

This is so sad.

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