Microsoft “Innovation”

Microsoft "Innovation"

I’m not typically a Microsoft-basher.  There are things I like and dislike about the company and it’s products.

But I just happend upon something that I had to comment on.

Before I do though…

Does anyone remember "Microsoft Bob"?

It was not one of Microsoft’s "shining moments".

Anyway, I guess that wasn’t enough embarassment for them.

So now look…

"Microsoft commissioned a set of four fun songs about Microsoft Windows
XP Media Center Edition from a band called Press the Green Button.
Snappy vocals, a modern beat, and soothing melodies make these four
songs delightful to listen to. Download one or more of them today to
hear the band’s vision for the future."

This is not a joke.

See for yourself.

What the hell were they thinking?

As a geek myself, I’m embarassed.  I’ve not downloaded this and I have no intention of doing so….

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